Like Atlas, you carry the sky

You are afraid that if you let go for one minute that your world will be broken and shatter into a million pieces

Crushed to an infinite sand and there will be no way to fix it

But don’t you know?

You don’t have to do this alone

Please, just let me in

What if

“What if 11:11 wishes actually came true? What if every time you looked up at the sky and wished on a shooting star the universe looked down on you, smiled, and did it’s best to align the stars in your favor?

But what if you were too busy to notice? Perhaps you were watching traffic while you waited at a light, and you failed to glance over and see your miracle. Maybe you were meant to meet that perfect person at the library but you decided not to go tonight.”

Maybe we are meant to be great
But always destined to fail
If that isn’t our fate
Then who is to tell

I cannot see clearly
The things that will last
Maybe my chances
Are all in the past

I don’t want to miss out
On a future at hand
I’d be in the right place
If I knew where to stand

Great Expectations (Steps)

Said the old man to the young:

What battles have you fought
And what wars have you won
Have you found any gold
Aside from the sun

Have you conquered your demons
And mastered your pain
Just tell it to me without any shame

I want to hear all
And I just need to know
About a future so bright
For the seeds that you sow

So like Sophocles past your stories anoint
I pray that your life does not disappoint

Said the young man to the old:

I haven’t fought demons
Or found any gold
But for paycheck my time
And talents are sold

My story’s just started
But it will end just the same
Without any glory or songs to my name

The world is far different
Than the one from your past
The stories of happy
Are not ones to last

But I try to be perfect without a mistake
Because of a future I will not forsake

Incredulous, the old man said:

What is it you want from life
Is there naught for which you’ve bled
What of a child and wife will they go unsaid?

You need to do something
Or else you are lost
You need to do more
No matter the cost

In my day we traveled
And flew to the moon
We fought against Stalin
And a cold war that loomed

So fight for the valor and medals you’ll win
Ignite a great fire with your purpose within

“Long is the way” quoth the young man

Though I’m not there today, I still have a plan
Though the world’s in my way, my future’s at hand

So don’t think I don’t try
Or give it my best
But the challenge has changed
And so has the test

It’s deep in the night
That my battles are won
Through writing I fight
Till morning is come

And if I don’t take
The same paths as you
Don’t think I am fake
’cause I’m not like you

Now I don’t know the rest
Of all that was said
But this dialogue’s stuck
Inside of my head

Because of it’s lessons
That seem to ring true
There’s some meant for me
And others for you

Our paths that we trace
And the turns that we take
Are not just a race
But a journey we’ll make

So know that your demons are different than mine
We each fight our battles one step at a time


Liar so much wasted potential you should be ashamed of yourself where is the person I fell in love with where is the son you were supposed to be how could anyone ever be proud of you you disgrace it’s no wonder you were never good enough it’s because you never tried an adult failure with no motivation and little ambition it’s no wonder you aren’t good enough you need to do better you need to try harder why are all of your poems so depressing can’t you write anything good you disgust me I hate you [acryforpeace] why are you so cold in person don’t tell me you are sad you grew up with so much privilege being sad is not a privilege you reserve don’t you dare fucking cry why do you bother me and ask for help why can’t you just deal with it on your own why are you still here

Why are you even here at all

Couldn’t have hated myself more
As I’m dying inside
I know that you’ll hate me for sure
So I will just hide

“You need to fail quietly”
I can’t let them know
Smile so they see
Won’t let my heart show

Sometimes I wonder
Where I could have been
If you hadn’t been there
To break my heart again

I’m waiting for the day
When I finally am free
When you’ll say I did okay
And to that you’re proud of me

A collection of small poems from the last month

I’ll say this first
And get to the point
I am afraid
That I’ll disappoint

Because I’m not
Who you might think
I hide behind
Words penned in ink

This mask I wear
Is but a fake
I am a fraud
Make no mistake

If “what (I) write
Is who (I am)”
There is no need
To find the man

He would not be
What you expect
It’s only here
I find respect

With “peace” my name
Translates synonymous
But for my peace
I’ll stay anonymous

You fear what will happen
Now “the damage is done”
But by sharing your secret
You have actually won

There are too many things
They say are forbidden
But you’ll find yourself free
When you do not stay hidden

So stay true to yourself
And that inner bright light
Don’t fear what they’ll say
And you’ll be alright

I shouldn’t guess
About what you’ll prefer
If it’s cold that you want
Then I’ll gladly concur

The Tide (An Ultimatum)

There are some friends
Who always leave
They take my heart
Leave me to grieve

They will not stay
Although I’ve tried
They come and go
Like ocean’s tide

It’s long past time
For this to end
They’ll either leave
Or stay my friend

The tip of an iceberg
Belies your great depth
But the knowledge you hold
Spans such a wide breadth

That I study your words
As though with a microscope
But to study your soul
I would need a great telescope

Of the struggles I have
I’m making the most
To not be forgotten
I’ll live as a ghost

We don’t have to leave
Don’t have to let go
I’ll spell out a story
Let all of you know

I’ll tell you a story
Of a poet alone
I’ll share it right here
Not on my headstone

It’s 3am, and you’re not alone
In the way they you might think
Your memories will keep you safe
So you need us paper and some ink.

You ask for someone
You say you can’t find
But the peace that you need
Lives inside of your mind

You don’t have to fear
That you’re losing your spark
As long as you tread
Life’s continual arc

Poems that have
A rhythm and rhyme
Are my favorite type
Each word is sublime

The tears become oceans
The hours turn to days
Going through the motions
Caught between the waves

You are so much more
Than a title or a name
You’ve created, on your own
A new character for this game

Do you measure aptitude
By your knowledge and retention?
Or better yet your attitude
Through each years new lesson

Let the music be the mask
We use to hide our sorrow
With the rhythm we will dance
And forget about tomorrow

Melancholy is
My new best friend
Silence to fill these halls
The echo in my head

Before the dawn on our last night
We were dancing under the moon
Pretending it could be alright
Knowing it must all end soon

Do not say sorry
For sharing your heart
The words you create
Are like literal art

In a race to reach the stars
The foolish and the wise
Are leaving us for Mars
Rending tears in blue skies

I’m terribly sorry

I should not post poems such as the one I posted tonight, I have deleted it and will refrain from duplicating this mistake again. I forget that many people come here for the creative part of writing and it is not right for me to express such parts of myself when they are things that should be kept to myself.

I’m sorry

Honor and Shame (a revelation)

Getting to know you reading the things that you share has been the highlight of my year. Every post and every poem is so intense that I feel like I can literally hear you speaking to me and expressing yourself. (And I admittedly very much enjoyed chatting with you in the comment section occasionally.) I hope you know how much it means to me that you were willing to stand up and stand out in order to share your thoughts with us this semester.

You, you are amazing. Do you know that? I hope I was able to help you understand, but if I failed in that, please hear me now as I tell you that getting to know you has been an honor. I am honored to be your friend.

If “what <I> write
Is who <I am>”
There is no need
To find the man

He would not be
What you expect
It’s only here
I find respect

With “peace” my name
Translates synonymous
To maintain peace
I’ll stay anonymous

You know my mind, isn’t that enough? Why should I show you who I am when I know that it will only push you away from me. I would rather have myself fade into your memory as something pleasant than find myself hated and forgotten. I promise that you would like me better here than in real life, because I am not what you expect.

I am not in your class (yikes, I know. Sorry,) I just chose to follow along with the blogs because it sounded like a fun idea and it was a fine place to express myself. There’s a very good chance that you and I have never talked in person, and it is probably for the best that way.

Why do we need to know names?

I promise you know me better here than in real life. Surely you don’t need to know my name to know who I really am, because you see it here

I’m content to just be myself here

Just a name

My brain calls me irresponsible

My heart calls me irrational

My sister still calls me on the phone
She hopes that I will come home
But I haven’t visited in far too long
And I fear that I will never belong

My name is the story of every decision that has led me to this point

My name is still used by a teacher on an example paper every semester

My name is inconsequential compared to the billions that have come before and the billions that will come after

My name is a signature on the hundreds of poems I have written about you hoping to hear back

My name is disappointment

My name is Please Don’t Forget Me written in the back of your yearbook

When will you know me? The part of me that is not a name, something that you can’t spell out or even see?

My name is better as acryforpeace, trust me you wouldn’t want to know the real me

My name is call me what you want, it’s really just a name

A mess of a poem

I do not care
Your age, gender
Weight or race
Don't need to see
Your smiling face

But this one thing
Is true to me
Your friendship is
Enough for me

I cherish all
The truth we find
In sharing thoughts
From in our minds

So please don't think
That I don't care
About the things
That you will share

This time with you
Can't be replaced
The thoughts you share
Won't go to waste

I like these blogs, because it is an opportunity to meet the person before I meet the face. I like that I get to know who you are in your mind and understand the way that you think without having to worry about silly things like stereotypes. This is a much more interesting and pure way to get to know a person because there are no expectations or distractions. So thank you for letting me read the thoughts that you share here and letting me get to know you a little bit.

Forget about me

While I try not to forget myself
I'm desperately trying
To stay alive
I'm desperately trying
Just to survive

I'm walking around
Bruised on both knees
I pretend they were hurt
Climbing in trees

Often I'm up
Late into the night
Trying to make sense
Of the things that I write

I can't make a poem
With the words I abuse
So I'll make it a song
With the stars as my muse

I play my guitar
'Til fingers all sting
Just not to forget
The song I must sing

I know there is meaning
In the infinite bliss
The purpose of life
Is more than all this

But it's hard to remember
The stars in the night
When the world all around
Is full of fake light

So tired and bruised
I'll try to move on
My mind is confused
I've forgotten my song


Whenever I saw you my heart would start pounding and flying

And I saw you nearly every day in the halls.

I would see you surrounded by your friends, and I would get too nervous to say anything.

But then one day, by chance, you were walking down the hall alone,

So I stopped and without quite thinking about what I was doing, I said

“Hello ____”

And you responded with a quick “Hi _____,”

But the name you used was the wrong one.

You didn’t even know my name

Campfire Conversations

There are things
I try to hide
Just to keep
My fear inside

But if you sit
And listen close
I’ll tell you things
The future holds

About a poet
That’s lost in time
Just making peace
With simple rhyme

I came to share
My heart with you
In hopes I’d make
Just one thing true

The thing I wish
That I had known
You’ll find it printed
On my stone

Is that it all
Means more than this
This life was made
For greater bliss

Forget the wrongs
They’ve done to you
Speak no more things
That are untrue

You’re worth much more
Than you achieve
It’s more than all
You could believe

I hope you find
A brand new start
You write with such
A tender heart

So don’t forget
And don’t let go
There’s more than this
Let someone know

That they are loved
Without a doubt
Just hold them close
Though tears fall out

And if you feel
You’re all alone
Make friendship a
Brand new home

Just live
A little better
And laugh
A little more

No matter
What the weather
Your future
Lies in store

So make your peace
Don’t waste your time
Forget your fear
Get lost in rhyme