I hope people speak at my funeral But I guess that in order for that to happen, I must first live a life worth speaking about. Advertisements

They say that the less a person says, the more valuable their words are. Is that why mine feel so useless?

The journey wasn’t easy There were good times, And bad times. I was hurt at times, And I healed at times. But I don’t think I would ever change it. The journey was exactly what it needed to be. And isn’t that beautiful?

I can’t say that I know it all Just that I know some and that’s enough for me. All these thoughts and ideas piled up into one thought of how to run on a daily basis, Yet all these thoughts get lost when I think of you. Everything fades, Even the thought to Breathe I […]

Part 2

You said you wanted to walk with me alone, but we weren’t alone. There was something walking with us. My heartbeat, I think. Keeping time with us as we walked. Ba-dum Ba-dum Ba-dum We walked for ages, I wish I had said more. I wish I had said less. Perhaps then you would have had […]


Do you know the word “Adieu?” It means goodbye in French. More specially, it means “to God.” It is a farewell you use when you are saying goodbye to someone dear to you that you do not plan on seeing again for a long time. It is a much misused word. People often say “Adieu” […]

I think the only thing that is standing in the way of my dreams, Is that the person having them is me.