Eyes straight aheadAnd hold your head highPretend it won’t hurtAnd say you don’t cry

I heard you singing from across the parking lot/you were going your way/and I was going mine/but the song that you were singing/I’ll remember for all of time/the saddest song I ever heard/I wish I knew who it was for/it was sung by a lonely man/in the uniform of the marine corp/I didn’t catch the […]

Thoughts from an accidental astronaut

I cling to the groundHang on for my lifeFor fear I will fallAnd be lost in the sky My life’s inside outMy mind upside downMy feet left the groundNow I’m spinning around The air’s getting thinnerNow there’s almost no soundAnd I can’t see my homeJust the stars all around I’m floating in spaceWith my fears […]

One last chanceTo save the dayOne more timeThat I will pray Dearest FatherAre you thereDo you reallyHear my prayer The worst is still ahead of meI pray I’m not too lateIf it is thy will, oh GodRelease me from this fate I’m kneeling hereWith broken heartI’m trying to findA brand new start


I don’t know if anyone is actually reading this, Perhaps all that my blog has ever been to you is words on a page. But if it is,That is fine. I started this blog mostly for me either way. But I found that as I’ve written, and as I’ve read your blogs, I started writing […]

Before I Go

I’m trying to remember every momentAnd every detailOf this day. I so dearly don’t want to goI wish I could stay in this moment and never leave this beautiful, wonderful life that is here today. But I must go,I have to go.Because if I don’t go, what things await me?What nightmares would I bring on […]

Help me

I thought I needed help, But then no help came my way. So I learned How to live without it. Now, you want to help, You ask me how you can help. But now, I don’t want your help, I don’t want to admit That I need your help.

Please come home

You thought it was a mistake when I said that you are coming home because this place does not feel like home to you. It is said that home is where the heart is. How do I explain that my heart goes with you when you leave, and so I never feel at home except […]

I thought it was badHaving friends who don’t careBut it truly is worseWhen they hate that you’re there

All is fair in love and war

The first time pierced Though my heart I should have known From the start . A second chance To mend my heart But you make lying Into an art . You tell yourself “Third time’s the charm” And still you think You’ve done no harm My heart is broken It’s been abused For just a […]

It’s okay you know, You don’t have to follow my blog And read my thoughts. Some people read my thoughts Because they think That they are like me, And I am just like them. But they are wrong. Others read my thoughts Because they think They are beautiful, And there just might be Something worth […]

Skinned Knees

I write my poems To hide my mind Hold back the storms Keep them inside I know not to cry So instead I just write The tears that I hide Fall in plain sight I keep my fears Behind closed lips And I keep my tears In fingertips I’m crying out into the sky Release […]

It still feels like my life is slipping away from me. Every day I can feel this sense of urgency at the future that I want to have, And even though I’m doing everything I can to set myself up for the future, It still feels like my life is slipping away from me.

Call me

My brain calls me irresponsible My heart calls me irrational My sister still calls me on the phone She hopes that I will come home But I haven’t visited in far too long And I fear that I will never belong My name is the story of every decision that has led me to this […]